3 Fun Drinking Games You May Not Have Heard Of

Are you planning or hosting a gathering sometime in the future and you do not want to keep playing beer pong?  Do you want to spice up the gathering a bit by playing some games that few people know about?

The games here have lesser penalties so to speak but can always be modified depending on the alcohol tolerance of the said players. The recommended rum would be Malibu Rum, which is excellent for games and great conversations.

Here is a list of interesting games for your party.

1. Start off nice and slow with the game “Most Likely”.

This is perfect for a gathering of friends or people who are closely acquainted with each other.  This works best if this is the first game since it will be a great icebreaker. The rules of the game are actually pretty simple. All of the players will form a circle and will have drinks in front of them. The host will be the first to ask a question. Try to make the questions as silly as you can.

For instance, you can ask “Who is most likely to eat peanut butter from a jar and lick the whole jar clean?” and after the count of three all of the players will point to someone who they think is most likely to do that. The person with the most votes will drink a glass of Malibu Rum and then raise his or her empty cup. Once that is done, the person who was chosen will be the one to ask the question.

This game works best in a group of 5 to 8 players and should be enough to finish at least 2 rounds or at most 3 rounds of drinks. That way, most will have a looser tongue and will be more than happy to go to the next game. The next game would loosen up the ambiance and make people lose their inhibitions. This and the next game aims to make people learn more about each other so that a deeper bond would arise.

2. Make your friends share embarrassing secrets with the game Never Have I Ever.

The next game would be a tricky one. As the host, you will say something that you have never done before. For instance, you can say that “never have I ever owned a pet bird” and at the count of three people who have not owned a pet bird well drink the cups of rum prepared. However, if by the count of 3 no one has drunk from their cups, then you should drink the cup yourself. You can assign the person to ask the question before the start of the game. For instance, you can go with a counterclockwise pattern.

However, to make the game much more interesting, you should ask the people who drink the cup about what happened. If possible, please try to make sure let the questions asked are not immensely insensitive. After a round of this game, chances are high that quite a number is tipsy and everyone should be having quite a lot of fun already. Raise the stakes higher with the next game which forces people to group themselves. The last game would be played by two teams so that the rest of the event would be immensely fun and at the same time will foster good teamwork.

3. Strengthen the bond of the group with a team competition through the game Flip Cups.

By this time, most of the players should be more than a little tipsy. This should make any game that involves hand to eye coordination a lot more hilarious and fun. The host or better yet anyone who is not yet tipsy should line up plastic cups with the same number of players. Divide the players into two teams. Do not go forming teams in the usual grouping like boys vs girls, or by department, or the usual team of friends. Add a touch of randomness. You can divide them into odd or even numbers when they count off or for people who are born in the first half of the year competing against those who were born on the 2nd half.

What the players should do is to flip the line of plastic cups. The last cup should have some rum in it which the player would have to finish off. This means that the host will fill up the last cup for every player. The winning team would make a decision as to what the losing team would do.