After The Shaking and Stirring Comes The Straining

Straining cocktails may seem simple enough but it’s an art unto itself that bartenders have to master. It’s a must, too, for most cocktails, whether these have been shaken or stirred. Reasons for Straining Just like shaking and stirring, straining is a basic technique for bartenders. There are several reasons why it’s necessary for most … Read more

Glasses: To Chill or Not to Chill

Glasses aren’t just containers for your beers and cocktails! These are also essential in keeping your drinks at the right temperature and, thus, ensure your enjoyment of every sip – yes, sip because alcoholic beverages are meant to be gulped like water by a thirsty man. This is the reason why bartenders serve many cocktails … Read more

When to Shake, When to Stir

Sean Connery, the best James Bond in our opinion, said it best – “A martini, shaken, not stirred.” And so James Bond is to blame – if we’re looking for a scapegoat – for the confusion about all cocktails being shaken, not stirred. Lest you start thinking that all cocktails should be shaken in the … Read more

Bar Pirates, Here’s Your Introduction to Rum!

Captain Jack Sparrow drank it and you have likely drank it, too, either on the rocks or in cocktails like mojitos and daiquiris. We’re taking about rum, of course, an alcoholic beverage with a sweet taste that lends itself well to a wide range of cocktails. In fact, it’s used in tropical drinks popular in … Read more

The Four Ingredients Beyond the Liquors And Liqueurs

Liquors and liqueurs are, of course, the foundation of the best classic and contemporary cocktails from the Manhattan to martinis. But these cocktails will be incomplete without the following ingredients that add flavor, color and beauty to them. Be sure to consider these ingredients, too, when building your bar. Furthermore, these four ingredients are non-alcoholic … Read more

The Basic Liquors and Liqueurs for Your Home Bar

The sheer number of liquors and liqueurs in the market can cause headaches for an amateur who wants to build a home bar. But keep in mind that it’s neither advisable nor sensible to include every liquor and liqueur because of the costs involved, not to mention that many of them may not even be … Read more

The Must-Haves and Must-Do in Bar Glassware

The glass matters as much as the drink – and it’s so true in cocktails! You should ideally pour a shot of Chivas Regal whiskey, for example, into an old-fashioned glass, especially when it’s served on the rocks. You will then be able to enjoy it more than when, say, it’s poured into a wine … Read more

The Crème of Cocktails

Cocktails can also be fruity, creamy, and chocolaty and we have the crèmes to thank for such a wide range of delectable flavors! Here are a few of the crèmes that make cocktails nearly addictive, especially as a way to unwind after a hard day’s work. Crème de Café Known as coffee liqueur, crème de … Read more

The Why and How Of Shaking Cocktails

Most cocktails have been shaken, not stirred – and James Bond knows it, too. Thus, shaking is a basic bartending skill that every amateur bartender – or mixologist, if you want to be more ambitious – should learn and learn well. Once you have mastered it, your cocktails will become better – crisper, cooler and … Read more

Classic Cocktails for The Cocktails Beginner

Cocktails aren’t mixed drinks although it may seem that way. Instead, cocktails are relatively simple with just a few ingredients and easy to make, as well as more refined than mixed drinks. These also require a certain amount of skill in making aside from the essential tools like the shaker and cocktail glass. Here, we … Read more