Interesting Things About Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is arguably the most popular brand of vodka in the world as it is sold in more than 126 countries worldwide. However, there’s more to this vodka brand apart from its distinctive bottle shape and great taste, such as: 1. Its Founder Is Pictured On The Seal On The Absolut Bottle No one … Read more

Six Things You May Not Know About Grey Goose

Grey Goose may sound anything but vodka, yet party goers would know that it is actually one of the top vodka brands in the world. In fact, some quarters agree that it is the best-tasting vodka on the planet. That distinction had been given to Grey Goose in its first year by the Chicago Beverage … Read more

The Life and Times of Jack Daniel

His whiskey has been a big part of your social life, having been the toast of many celebrations you have had in the past. But do you have any idea who in the world is Jack Daniel, and how he was able to concoct this well-loved whiskey? Family There is a lot of confusion on … Read more

How Jagermeister is Dealing with Fireball’s Challenge

One of the best-selling liquor brands in the world is Jagermeister. Since 1935 it has consistently been a favorite of hardcore and casual drinkers who just want a good time. But don’t look now as the brand is being threatened by a relatively young whiskey, Fireball. The spicy cinnamon-flavored Canadian whisky has been heating up … Read more