Blanton’s Whiskey Prices

Blanton’s is another bourbon whiskey that is being distilled at Buffalo Trace Distillery at Frankfort, Kentucky and is being produced and marketed by Sazerac Company. But does it hold a candle against the other bourbons that Kentucky has produced? Let’s find out.

Blanton’s Whiskey History and Background

The brand is the first modern bourbon to be marketed as a single barrel bourbon. It was launched in 1984 under the supervision and guidance of its master distiller, Elmer T. Lee.

It was around the time when Mr. Lee was nearing his retirement that he was tapped to create an exceptionally high-quality Blanton's Whiskeybourbon.

The name Blanton’s came to be as a tribute to an early leader, the former president of the distillery until 1952 – Albert Blanton. The company claims that he has spent the most effort in preserving the handcrafted bourbon tradition after having worked at the Buffalo Trace Distillery for about 55 years.

Mr. Lee drew inspiration from recalling how Mr. Blanton would handpick the honey barrels from the middle section of the Warehouse H and have them bottled one barrel at a time as a way to entertain VIPs and dignitaries. He called his new bourbon “Blanton’s Single Barrel” from that point.

From then on, he was credited for having revolutionalized the tradition of bourbon making. This is after having created the very first super-premium bourbon using the single barrel method. During that time, the idea was thought to be somewhat relentless because people cannot think of their bourbon any other way.

Today, obviously, a lot of distilleries have followed suit; producing single barrel bottlings. However, Blanton’s will always be remembered as the first and the original.

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon eventually joined La Maison du Whisky’s portfolio.

After his retirement, Mr. Lee has served as the Master Distiller Emeritus, as well as Ambassador for Buffalo Trace Distillery. He was then inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of fame in 2001.

Blanton’s Whiskey – The Details

Single barrel means the bourbon came from just one barrel and not mixed with others; whether with the same batch or not, or blended with other whiskeys to improve taste, texture, and color. In other words, it’s in its purest state.

Blanton’s Bourbon Whiskey is being aged at around 6 to 8 years at the only metal-cladded warehouse at Buffalo Trace. This method allows for quicker aging.

There are several varieties of Blanton’s in terms of proof. Unfortunately, only the 93 proof is available in the US. All other varieties are being exported around the world.

How Much Does Blanton’s Whiskey Cost?

Below are the ranges of the Blanton’s Whiskey prices we’ve found from different liquor stores online:

Blanton’s Variety


Price Range

Blanton’s The Original Single Barrel

750 ml

$60 to $85

Blanton’s Gold Edition

750 ml

$90 to $102

Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel

750 ml

$138 to $269

Blanton’s Special Reserve

750 ml

$200 to $289


Blanton’s Bourbon Whiskey’s taste profile is sweet with hints of citrus and oak. The nose is teased with butterscotch and caramel with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, cola, clove, some corn, and some fruits like apples or cherry and grapes.

As for the alcohol content, the only available variation in the USA has 46.5% ABV. Those made available to the rest of the world are the Gold Edition which has 51.5%, Straight from the Barrel at 66.25%, and Special Reserve at 40%.

Serving Suggestions

Blanton’s Whiskey is best served either neat or on the rocks. Nevertheless, you can also enjoy this with the following serving variations:

  • With a bit of water
  • With club soda
  • With ginger ale

Blanton’s, just like any other whiskey, can also be part of different cocktail recipes. Here are a few of them:

  • Godfather


2 oz. Blanton’s Whiskey

1 oz. Almond liqueur

Ice cubes


In a glass with ice cubes, mix the whiskey and the liqueur. Stir and garnish with a cocktail pick.

  • Mint Julep


1 1/2 oz. Blanton’s Whiskey

1 tsp. Sugar

6 to 8 mint leaves

1 sprig fresh mint

Cubes crushed ice


Put the sugar and mint leaves in an old-fashioned glass and grind them using a muddler. Add ice and pour the whiskey. Stir until the glass is frosty then garnish with fresh mint.

  • Red Velvet


1 1/2 oz. Blanton’s Whiskey

1/2 oz. raspberry liqueur

3 oz. lemon-lime soda

Ice cubes


In a shaker with ice cubes, mix the whiskey and liqueur and shake vigorously. Strain using an ice strainer into a glass. Garnish with lemon-lime soda.

  • Whiskey Sour


1 1/2 oz. Blanton’s Whiskey

1 maraschino cherry

1/2 oz. cane syrup

1/2 oz. lemon juice

Ice cubes


In a shaker with ice, mix all the ingredients excluding the cherry. Shake vigorously and pour into a glass. Put the cherry into the glass thereafter.