Guide on How to Mix Drinks Like a Pro

Cocktails are not as complicated as you think they are because in reality, they really are not complicated. The favorite cocktails that you order in bars, you can actually make them yourself at home. You only need to have the tools, the glassware and the alcoholic drink of your choice and you will be on … Read more

After The Shaking and Stirring Comes The Straining

Straining cocktails may seem simple enough but it’s an art unto itself that bartenders have to master. It’s a must, too, for most cocktails, whether these have been shaken or stirred. Reasons for Straining Just like shaking and stirring, straining is a basic technique for bartenders. There are several reasons why it’s necessary for most … Read more

Glasses: To Chill or Not to Chill

Glasses aren’t just containers for your beers and cocktails! These are also essential in keeping your drinks at the right temperature and, thus, ensure your enjoyment of every sip – yes, sip because alcoholic beverages are meant to be gulped like water by a thirsty man. This is the reason why bartenders serve many cocktails … Read more

When to Shake, When to Stir

Sean Connery, the best James Bond in our opinion, said it best – “A martini, shaken, not stirred.” And so James Bond is to blame – if we’re looking for a scapegoat – for the confusion about all cocktails being shaken, not stirred. Lest you start thinking that all cocktails should be shaken in the … Read more

The Basic Liquors and Liqueurs for Your Home Bar

The sheer number of liquors and liqueurs in the market can cause headaches for an amateur who wants to build a home bar. But keep in mind that it’s neither advisable nor sensible to include every liquor and liqueur because of the costs involved, not to mention that many of them may not even be … Read more

Five Ways of Staying Healthy While On the Road

The on-the-go lifestyle of businessmen, salesmen and frequent travelers, including singers, dancers and bands on tour, eventually takes its toll! The health issues, from indigestion to fatigue, may not be a cause for concern at first but as time goes on, these become more disturbing until such time that there’s nothing to be done but … Read more

3 Tips to Keep Young Athletes Hydrated

Young athletes are less likely to drink plenty of fluids for many reasons, such as their sense of invincibility. But this shouldn’t be as even the fittest young athlete will need water for optimum performance during practice and competitions. Otherwise, the risks of injuries and illnesses (e.g., heat stroke and exhaustion) are higher resulting in … Read more

Your Guide to Enjoying Hennessy

Hennessy is the world’s best selling cognac, making up more than 40% of the cognac sold every year. Hennessy comes in different variants including X.O., VSOP, Hennessy White, Hennessy Black and many more.  With so many options to choose from, several questions arise concerning how to properly drink it. Don’t worry though, as this guide … Read more

How to Savor Your Jim Beam

Jim Beam is a genuine classic. Mention the words bourbon whiskey and it’s the one that will likely come to mind. But whenever one talks about this classic drink, all kinds of questions come up. Do you drink it blended or straight? Should you mix it with cocktails? Is Jim Beam bourbon, whiskey or both? … Read more