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Chivas Regal is a brand of blended scotch whisky produced by the Chivas Brothers and owned by Pernod Ricard. Chivas Regal is currently the top scotch whisky aged 12 years or older in Europe and Asia region.

Chivas Brothers’ origins can be traced back to the first grocery store in 1801. The store sold luxury items such as coffee, exotic spices, and French brandies. Their first original whisky product was launched in the 1850’s.

Currently there are five products offered by Chivas Regal including the 12 Year Old, 18 Year Old, 25 Year Old and Chivas Regal Extra which is priced between 12 and 18 Year Old blends.

Below are the latest Chivas Regal prices.



Chivas Regal 12 Year Old750ml$23.89


Chivas Regal 12 Year Old750ml$32.99


Chivas Regal 12 Year Old750ml$29.97

Chivas Regal Mixed Drinks

Since Chivas Regal is not an entry level priced scotch whisky, using it in mixed drinks should be done with care. After all, you should buy cheaper whiskies to use in mixed drinks since their taste will be diluted by other ingredients anyways.

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

  • Speyside Highball – 2 parts Chivas Regal 12 Year Old, 1 1/2 parts fresh pineapple juice, 1/2 part fresh lemon juice, 1/2 part simple syrup, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters, and 2 parts soda water.

Chivas Regal Extra

  • The Modern Dandy – 30 ml. Chivas Regal Extra, 15 ml. Plymouth, 1 ml. Port, 10 ml. Fino Sherry, 20 ml. lemon juice, 10 ml. sugar syrup, and 1 ml. orange bitters.
  • Sunset Boulevardier – 50 ml. Chivas Regal Extra, 20 ml. Regal Rogue rouge vermouth, 20 ml. Lillet Rose, 2 ml. peach bitters, 2 ml. Regan’s orange bitters, 15 ml. cherry liqueur, and 5 ml. sugar for taste.
  • Silver Fox Fizz – 50 ml. Chivas Regal Extra, 15 ml. lime juice, 10 ml. sugar syrup, 15 ml. egg white, 5 ml. pummel, and 50 ml. soda to top off.

Chivas Regal 18 Year Old

  • Aberdeen Flip – 2 parts Chivas Regal 18 Year Old, 1 part 12 year old Oloroso sherry, 1 whole egg, 1/4 parts honeyed spice syrup, 1/10 parts Fee Brothers’ Aztec chocolate bitters, and 2 tsp. black cherry jam.
  • Auld Audience – 1 part Chivas Regal 18 Year Old, 3/4 parts Martell Cordon Bleu Pernod Absinthe Rinse, 1/5 parts sugar syrup, 1/10 parts Peychaud’s bitters, 1/10 parts Fee Brothers’ Old Fashioned bitters, and lemon and orange twist.
  • Chivas No.2 Cup – 2 parts Chivas Regal 18 Year Old, 1 part Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth, 1/5 parts sugar syrup, 1/10 parts Fee Brothers’ Aztec Orange bitters, 2 parts ginger beer, 3 wheels of cucumber, 5 leaves of mint, and 1 whole strawberry.
  • Dunmore Sour – 2 parts Chivas Regal 18 Year Old, 1 part freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 part home-made pineapple syrup, and 1/2 parts egg white.
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