Cocktails That Will Make Any Gatherings Hotter

With the holidays coming, you can already hear the bottle corks being popped and the loud clinks of champagne glass. It is time to take out that wonderful chinaware and to dust off those suits and gowns. Having a party in your home would be a great way to entertain those guests and save you quite some dollars.  Mixing your own cocktails will also add the factor of cool in your very own home party.  Giving new twists on alcoholic spirits will definitely make you and your guests enjoy a lot. This is also a great way to loosen tongues and get wonderful conversations.

Fireball deserves its name; it is a liqueur that has a cinnamon accent and is based on whiskey. This should have a familiar taste; it gets its roots from Canadian whiskey. The spicy and sweet flavor belies its powerful punch; it has 33% alcohol volume. The Fireball whiskey will be the main ingredient with the recipes below. The whiskey will definitely pack the heat and the cinnamon is an interesting flavor to add in any concoction.

1. For those who want a sweet drink with a hard punch – Caramel Apple Fireball

This is a good concoction to have if you want your female friends to enjoy a great tasting cocktail and at the same time get slightly tipsy. Apple and cinnamon interestingly enough pairs really well and the hot sensation running through your throat well me you and your guests wanting for more. This is a very simple cocktail to make, no extra frills or complex hand movements and weird rituals. Just a little warning though; it can make anybody tipsy with just 1 serving so please take and make this blend in moderation.

First off, prepare a cocktail shaker that already has eyes. On one side, ready at least 3 oz of fireball whiskey. Place on the side 2 oz of caramel apple liqueur. Finally, have a bottle of 100% apple juice since we will be needing 3 ounces of it. Place the fireball whiskey first and then followed by the apple juice. Do not stir the cocktail shaker yet. Pour slowly the 2 oz of caramel apple liqueur. Make sure that the shaker is closed tight and shake it well as much as possible so that all of the liquid will blend together.

Garnish does not really mean much for this concoction since it looks and tastes good but if you really want to add some garnish instead of a slice of apple you can coat the glass with cinnamon or even sugar.

2. For those who want to experience a burning but refreshing drink – fire and ice.

Are you in the mood for spicy and heavy hitting spirits?   This cocktail is aptly named; they say that it tastes like heaven but it burns like the fiery depths of hell. I would suggest serving this to the more discerning connoisseur of wines and spirits since it may be a bit too hot for first time drinkers and those who are experienced can tell how great this is.

You actually only need to liquors. Both of them constitute half of this cocktail so if you want to make for serving you have to prepare 2 answers of servings you would basically have to prepare one of each. Again, there are no complex mixing just pour them both straight. You should get a bottle of Fireball Whisky and then Dr. McGillicuddy’s Mentholmint Liqueur. Make sure that both of them are stirred well.

If you want a more memorable drinking experience, serve this cocktail with no ice and just chilled. Then take one shot straight. This is definitely an experience that you will remember unless you are already too drunk.

3. For those who want a tropical theme – Fireball on the Beach

Perhaps your parents or a friend you have not talked to in a long time has visited you. You want to give them something that is basically sweet and at the same time have that spicy hot character. Just by taking a sip from this cocktail will come your images of just you comfortably lounging on the beach, drinking from a coconut and enjoying the comfortably hot sunshine. This tastes very sweet but after a few seconds you can feel your throat feeling the punch because it still retains its hot sensation when it is slowly going down in your throat. It is not an alcoholic as other cocktails but it can do its job really well since people would want more.

What you need would be a fireball whiskey, a good coconut rum and a juice mix of your favorite tropical flavors. We recommend pineapple, orange and banana juice but the four seasons juice drink would do fine. All in all, this is highly recommended.

Make your party gathering hot with Fireball Whiskey, one of the fastest growing whiskey when it comes to popularity.

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