Cointreau Liqueurs Prices

Just what kind of alcohol is Cointreau? Being the main star of over 350 classic cocktails all over the world, what makes it so popular among enthusiasts?

Cointreau is a strong, sweet, colorless, and orange-flavored liqueur that is usually served before or after a meal; either as is or, as mentioned, a component of various cocktails.

It is 100% natural, crystal clear, and has superb aromatics. It is definitely suitable for vegetarians if you’re on a strict diet.

Looking Back at Its Cointreau Liqueurs Past

Confectioner Adolphe Cointreau and his brother, Edouard-Jean Cointreau had set up the Cointreau Distillery in 1849. Their first successful product was the cherry liqueur Guignolet which is a French liqueur made from wild cherry.

But they’ve made more success with the creation of another liqueur made from blended bitter and sweet orange peels and pure alcohol coming from sugar beets.

Edouard-Jean Cointreau traveled the world in order to be able to learn and perfect the distillation process, all the while noting people’s interest in orange which was very expensive during those times.

The first sales of Cointreau in bottles came about in 1875.

George Glendenning, an English wine shipper, discovered the liqueur when he was visiting Bordeaux in 1902 and started importing it by then. In 1923, however, he informed the company that it was too sweet for British drinkers’ taste so the distillery decided to produce an extra dry variety.

This recipe of Cointreau has since been marketed and distributed around the world and hasn’t changed to this day.

The company stayed as family-owned through the years and with its success, we can certainly understand why – well, that’s until its merger with the cognac giant, Remy Martin in 1990. The said merger formed the publicly traded Rémy Cointreau that we now know.

The Cointreau’s recipe and production process is a well-guarded family secret that despite the manufacturing facility being open to the public, photography is not allowed in most areas.

What Makes it So Special?

If we were to define the most striking qualities and characteristics of Cointreau Liqueur, two adjectives spring to mind – elegant and authentic. It is even considered the gold standard for those who consider it as triple sec.

But despite being considered as such, it appears to be twice as strong as another triple sec in the market and rightfully so, more expensive.

Approximately 13 million bottles of Cointreau were being sold in 150 countries around the globe annually and out of this, around 90% account for exports.

Coinstreau is often confused as either a liqueur or a premium triple sec by casual drinkers. Since the company hasn’t disclosed how the distillation process is being carried out, we can’t know for sure if it really falls under the category of triple sec or not.

What’s more confusing is the real meaning of triple sec. Others say that it literally translates to triple distillation but actual process of this doesn’t work that way. Some claim it’s triple dry.

Ironically, this was originally named as Curaçao Blanco Triple Sec and is being produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, France.

Cointreau Properties and Contents

ABV: 40%

Proof: 80

Calories: 95 per 1 oz. serving

Carbohydrates: 7 g per 1 oz. serving

Cointreau is made with all-natural ingredients such as orange peels, alcohol, sugar, and water. And when we say orange peels, it’s not just any other orange peels but a selection of sweet and bitter varierty in order to come up with the unique taste that is highlighted by the perfect fusion of freshness and sweetness.

How Much Does Cointreau Cost?

Cointreau Liqueur is widely available at any liquor store and online spirit shops so you won’t have any trouble finding one if you’re craving for something fruity but with a kick, especially so that it’s not vintage or an aged type.

Cointreau Liqueurs prices from some of the well-known sources are as follows:




Cointreau – Orange Liqueur

375 ml

From $28

Cointreau – Orange Liqueur

750 ml

From $43

Cointreau Liqueur – Fruit Liqueur

50 ml

From $10

Cointreau Liqueur – Fruit Liqueur

1 L

From $39

Cointreau Noir – Liqueur

750 ml

From $37

Cointreau Liqueur

750 ml


Cointreau Liqueur

1.75 liter


Cointreau Noir Liqueur

750 ml



Cointreau Orange Liqueur

375 ml



$24 to $120

Cointreau Noir Orange Liqueur

$28 to $81

Serving Suggestions

As mentioned, it can be served as is (neat) or can be used as an ingredient to various popular cocktails. The possibilities are definitely endless when your creativity sets in.

Some of the most popular cocktail recipes concocted with Cointreau includes the following:

  • Cointreau Fizz

First, get a glass filled with ice, then add around 50 ml of Cointreau plus juice up a half lime. Add sparkling water.

  • Margarita

Get a shallow plate and add water or lime juice and dip in your Margarita glass. You can also cut lime and moisten the rim of the glass, then dip it in salt.

Get a shaker and mix 50 ml Tequila, 20 ml lime juice, and 30 ml Cointreau. Add ice and start to shake.

Strain the mixture into the Margarita glass, then garnish with wedged lime.

  • Sidecar

Rub a chilled Martini glass with a cut or wedged lime and dip it in superfine sugar.

In a mixing glass, combine 50 ml of Remy Martin VSOP Cognac, 20 ml freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and 30 ml Cointreau. Shake with ice and strain it into the chilled glass.

  • Cosmopolitan

In a mixing glass, mix 20 ml Cointreau, 20 ml Cranberry juice, 15 ml freshly-squeezed lime juice, and 40 ml Vodka. Add ice and shake vigorously.

Strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with orange wedge or twist.