Different Home Uses of Vodka Other than Drinking

Vodka is one of the world’s most popular alcoholic drinks. Other than being a versatile alcohol, it has many other uses other than just for drinking (although this spirit is really a good one, too). You are pretty much aware that vodka has its uses in cocktails drinks and mixes, but in case you may not know it, it also serves various household purposes for anything as a disinfectant on your counter tops and bathroom tiles to a cooking ingredient to enhance taste.

Whether it’s cheap vodka you got in your liquor cabinet or a Smirnoff or an Absolut that has been in stock for quite a while, now is the time to bring it out for some good use. You may be surprised to find out by the end of this article that your cheap vodka has uses beyond drinking.

Vodka happens to help relax your strained muscles.

Yes, you read it right. If you are experiencing tensed and sore muscles after a rigorous session at the gym or a heavy exercise, apply a mixture of frozen equal parts of vodka and water placed in a zip bag. The alcohol will keep the mixture from freezing completely, so the slushy effect makes a better ice pack on your tired muscles.

Vodka can remove stains on clothes and other fabric.

So, you’ve spilled red wine on the couch or the carpet and boy is it such a clumsy thing! No worries! Just grab a bottle of vodka and dab the spilled area with vodka-soaked wipes. Follow it up with dry cloth to remove the stain.

It treats your dandruff problem.

Oh yes, you finally have a home remedy in getting rid of those flakes. To prepare your solution, crush a tablespoon of dried rosemary and add it to one cup of vodka. Let it stand for a few days. Before applying it, strain the liquid and then rub it onto the scalp. Allow it to stay for maximum effect. And if that doesn’t work, you can always try some dandruff shampoos instead.

Vodka eases an annoying toothache.

With this use of vodka, you can finally drink it and maximize its healing effect on a painful tooth, too! To relieve toothache, swirl a shot of vodka with focus on the painful area to disinfect it and ease the pain around the affected tooth.

Vodka can be used to relieve any general ache and pain in the body.

As a general pain reliever, prepare a glass of vodka and add fresh lavender flowers into the liquid. Let it out in the sun for three days or longer to allow the natural oils to be extracted. Strain the mixture to remove the lavender flowers and transfer it on a clean container.

Vodka acts as window and glass or mirror cleaner.

Now you can set aside your harsh chemical cleaners and bring out your vodka drink turned cleaner to wipe residues and dirt from your glass windows and mirror. Spray the area to be cleaned with watered-down vodka and simply wipe it with clean cloth and that should do the trick.

Vodka surprisingly eliminates cigarette smell indoors.

Worry no more of how to remove cigarette smell in your home and even on your clothes. Just add a tablespoon of vodka to three parts water in a solution and spray it on areas or furniture where cigarette smell is present.

Vodka can be a breath freshener, too.

So, here’s a method where you don’t get to down your favorite vodka drink but simply swish it in the mouth for a fresh breath. As a mouthwash, infuse a mixture of pre cinnamon drops, tea tree oil or spearmint and a small amount of vodka for about two weeks. If the mixture is too strong, you can add a little water to reduce alcohol content.

Having problems with removing sticker glue? Vodka can do the trick.

It can be annoying how the residue of adhesive or sticker glue is so hard to remove on glass, but this can be done easily by rubbing a cloth soaked in vodka on the area. The same goes for residue left on the skin after removing bandages.

Vodka can be the answer to your foot odor problem.

Vodka is really good at eliminating odor and that includes your foot odor problem. You do a foot soak with vodka and water to remove nasty odor or spritz your smelly shoes with vodka to reduce the stinky odor.

Vodka surprisingly cures jellyfish sting.

Well, this time around you need to keep a bottle of vodka handy during beach outings to prepare for nasty jellyfish stings!

Vodka eliminates mold and mildew at home.

Spray on some vodka on the area where molds thrive and let it sit for 15 minutes. You will be amazed to see these pollutants gone after scrubbing the area clean. You can also use vodka to clean household fixtures.