Five Tips to Improve Your Alcohol Tolerance

You’ve always been envious of people who don’t get drunk easily. Like your old college buddy who could down half a bottle of whiskey and still can beat you in a game of cards. Or your boss who can down countless tequila shots and still look and act suave enough to hit any girl in a bar.

You’re not a weakling when it comes to drinking, but you’ve always hoped to increase your tolerance. The good news is that there are several ways for you to improve your body’s tolerance to alcohol.

Before we tackle the different ways to increase your alcohol tolerance, let’s look at how our bodies metabolize it. After drinking liquor, the liquid is absorbed from the small intestine into the veins which gather blood from the stomach and bowls. It goes through the portal vein, then into the liver where it is metabolized by the enzymes.

Interestingly, only up to 8 percent of the alcohol we drink is passed out as urine. Hence you’d still get drunk no matter how many times you go to the comfort room.

So how do you increase your body’s alcohol tolerance? Here are some tips that you might want to try:

1. Eat, Eat, Eat

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t eat a lot during a party for fear that you could end up vomiting all of those foods you consume, then you should change your ways. In fact, not eating at all can make you intoxicated quickly.

Have a hearty meal before a party, and continue to eat from time to time while you are being given a shot of whiskey. The food should delay the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream.

As much as possible, eat foods rich in fats and protein. These foods can stimulate the release of a hormone called enterogastrone which will slow down peristalsis in the stomach and consequently decrease the rate by which the stomach empties.

2. Drink More Water

As you may have known, drinking alcohol can increase the number of times you head to the comfort room. Frequent urination can lead to dehydration. This would not only result to a bad hangover the following morning but also compound your feeling of drunkenness because a dehydrated brain does not function well.

Thus, you should drink one glass of water per every alcoholic beverage you drink. This may lead to more frequent trips to the comfort room, but it would delay intoxication.

3. Get As Much Rest The Day Before The Party

Have you experienced getting drunk easily after an exhausting day in the office? It’s not a matter of perception, as the reality is general fatigue leads to higher blood alcohol concentration than normal because the liver is less efficient in eliminating alcohol when the person is feeling tired or lethargic. Another explanation is that consuming a depressant like alcohol will increase a person’s level of fatigue while magnifying the traditional effects of the beverage.

So the solution is simple. Get as much rest as possible the day before your party.

4. Don’t Mix Caffeine With Alcohol

Of course, that would be hard during times when your group decides to drink vodka with Red Bulls but it would be wise to lessen your intake of caffeine when you’re drinking. Although caffeine can keep you awake, it won’t really make you more sober. It would only trick your body into believing you’re unlikely to get drunk, which would lead to too much drinking or downing shots too fast. The chances are high you’ll experience a serious black out when you mix caffeine with alcohol.

Moreover, caffeine is a diuretic hence it will only dehydrate you and increase the chances of you getting drunk quickly.

5. Active Yeast

Or you can follow this trick shared by a beer lover. This trick has supposedly made Boston Beer Chairman Jim Koch drink a total of 21,000 beers in his lifetime.

According to Koch, you can take a teaspoon of yeast before drinking to make you almost invincible to getting drunk. You can get dry yeast at the grocery and mix it with yogurt to make it more enticing. The concoction may not be the most appetizing, but it can increase your tolerance not only for beer but also other types of booze.

How does dry yeast increase your alcohol tolerance? Well it has an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase which breaks down alcohol into carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. So with this enzyme in the system, the body will be able to break down alcohol before it gets into the bloodstream and affect our brains.

These are five sure-fire ways to improve your tolerance to alcohol. Try all of these strategies the next time you are to join a party, and you’ll be surprised at how long you’ll be able delay drunkenness.

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