Impress Your Guests with These Orange Liquor Concoctions

With the holidays fast approaching, there is one thing that is inevitable and that is drinking and partying. If you are planning to host or are planning to go on a local bar binge tripping with your friends, then you will need to brush up your knowledge of how to mix and match liquor and spirits.

One of the classier and easily recognizable base liquors is the Grand Marnier, a Cognac. The flavor is orange so it is quite easy to make interesting combinations with other stronger spirits. One thing that you have to take note though is that this is 40% alcohol so you have to take that into consideration.

1. Mallelieu

For those who are familiar with the “screwdriver” we’re talking about the cocktail not the tool, then this one would be an interesting way to show off your expertise in making alcoholic refreshments. The ladies would love this drink since it tastes very fruity and at the same time still have that punch that you can only get through an alcoholic beverage. It is also quite easy to make as well.

What you need to do is to get one and a half oz of any light rum. Once that is prepared find a small cup and pour 1/2 oz of Grand Marnier. Mix the rum with the Grand Marnier. Finally, add 2 ounces of orange juice. This is best served on the rocks and please stir this first before serving. For garnish, just add a slice of bitter orange. Even the usual orange will work fine.

This is a great cocktail to show if you want for smooth social events. This is a welcome respite from all the complicated mixtures in the drinking scene nowadays.  It is also very simple to make and the taste is very straight forward.

2. Grand Apple

For the people looking for a more complex fruity taste, with subtle hints of orange in a sea of delicious apple, then this alcoholic concoction would work best. The good thing about this kind of cocktail is that they are actually from just one you can say, alcoholic family, which is the Cognac brandy. It is interesting to note that both of the main ingredients by themselves are quite sweet, but combining the ingredients will produce something that has a milder sweet taste compared to drinking those beverages by themselves. You can definitely say that this is a great cocktail to serve if you want to impress someone with a discerning tongue.

Want me to go 1 oz of any apple brandy. There should be no problems in acquiring that since that is pretty common. And then you must also secure half an ounce of cognac. Finally got another half oz of Grand Marnier. Find a cocktail shaker that already has ice in it. Pour the apple brandy first followed by the cognac. Pour the half oz of Grand Marnier. However, do not shake the cocktail shaker. Instead, stir it manually. Get an old-fashioned glass with ice and then strain the concoction there.  For garnish, you can use a lemon slice. This cocktail with giving you a light but fruity drink, and can even replace the dessert. This is perfect to end a celebration. People who remember the wonderful taste.

3. Beautiful One

If you are trying to give an atmosphere of romance or even just platonic love between friends, then his aptly named cocktail would be best for you. Just the image of the final product alone would definitely score you a lot of points. It looks very classy and at the same time smells like sophistication incarnate. The scent of cranberry juice and the Grand Marnier can definitely make the guest filled with great anticipation, and their expectations will be exceeded once they get the wonderful flavor once they take a sip.

Another wonderful thing about this kind of cocktail is that it actually is simple to make. What you need is one and a half oz of Grand Marnier.  You should also get one and a half oz of Hennessy. The final ingredient is actually very easy to find. Just get 2 oz of cranberry juice. Pour the Grand Marnier to a glass filled with ice. Follow it up with half oz of Hennessy. Pour the cranberry juice after the two ingredients are mixed. Stir the cocktail well.  For better aesthetics, at around 1 or 2 cherries.

This drink is best for social events and for just breaking the ice. At the same time, this is a very welcome drink to get since you can be assured of quality time and flavor.

With the three cocktails listed above, you can be sure that you and your guests will have a great time. They are also relatively fast to do. Show your guests your skills, and let them be amazed.