RumChata Prices

Liquor and real dairy cream for your drink? If you’re a hardcore whiskey, wine or beer drinker, this may sound like something straight out of children’s pretend game of cooking, right?

But if Baileys sounds familiar to you, then, you’re not completely out of the loop.

But then, if you haven’t tried stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re being terribly out of place. Before you say “YUCK” or feel a bit queasy imagining a liquor that presents itself as milk, hear us out first.

RumChata – A Little Backgrounder

RumChata is a relatively new product compared to most of the wines and spirits we feature on this website with theRumChata distillery having been put up only in 2008 and the product having been introduced in the market only in 2009.

It is manufactured and distributed by the companies Midwest Custom Bottling Company and Agave Loco LLC. It was actually the brainchild of its CEO and master blender Tom Maas a former executive at Jim Beam who also worked for Jack Daniel’s and Knob Creek.

RumChata is the company’s flagship product. Its distillery is located in Peewaukee, Wisconsin.

If you’re wondering where the hell the idea of this very unlikely combination came from if you’ve ever been to Mexico or Spain, you’ve probably heard of or even tried Horchata. It’s their traditional drink which even dates back to the Ancient Roman era.

This was exactly the inspiration behind RumChata although Horchata doesn’t have dairy products in its ingredients.

What Exactly is RumChata?

If you’re a real party-goer, chances are, you might have already tried RumChata either neat or as part of the served cocktail drinks. It’s really a party starter!

Emerging as one of the top cream liqueur in the country, this perfect blend of Carribean rum that’s distilled five times and Wisconsin dairy cream and concocted with different flavors including, but not limited to natural cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. Add to the mystery behind its taste are some secret flavors.

Although a lot of similar products have emerged in the market today, RumChata claims to be the first in the world to use rum as a base in all the cream liqueurs.

It was a huge success in 2010 that it even outsold Baileys in several states.

Contents and Characteristics

RumChata is under the cream liqueur category with an alcohol content or ABV of 13.5% and 27.5 proof. If you’re watching your diet, every 1.5-oz. serving contains 140 calories.

If you happen to have certain allergies, please remember that it may contain milk and soybeans and their products.

In terms of taste, it can be pretty sweet, as can be the tendency with most rums, with a very apparent twist of cinnamon and vanilla.

How Much Does RumChata Cost?

RumChata is widely available in all states and around 28 countries worldwide. We’re pretty sure you can find relatively cheaper brands of the same type but RumChata and even it’s loyal patronizers guarantee that it’s worth every cent with its unparalleled taste and real ingredients.

If you can’t be bothered going to liquor stores to get a taste of this wonder, popular online spirits shops with RumChata prices are summarized below:




750 ml






750 ml


The latest product they’ve released, the FrappaChata, was an instant hit when over 1 million mini bottles priced at $1.99 each were sold on the first 60 days. The 1.75-liter bottle is being sold at around $16.50 to $22.

Serving Suggestions

Rumchata can be stored at room temperature and doesn’t need to be refrigerated even when already opened. This is because the cream and the rum have been homogenized so it can stand unrefrigerated for about 6 months.

But still, just like any of your dairy products, you don’t want it to be directly exposed to sunlight or extreme heat.

RumChata is commonly served on the rocks but it can give your coffee a taste similar to cappuccino when added; apart from being a cocktail superstar. It is also known as the perfect partner for Fireball or mixed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

  • RumChata + Fireball

Just mix 1.5 oz. RumChata and 1.5 oz. Fireball in a Martini shaker. Shake and strain into a glass with ice. Dust with cinnamon or use cinnamon stick.

  • RumChata + Fireball Cinnamon Toast Crunch recipe:

2 oz. RumChata

1 oz. Fireball

3:1 mix of cinnamon and sugar for the glass rim

Rim a shot glass with the mixture of the cinnamon and sugar and set aside. Mix the RumChata and Fireball in a shaker filled with ice. Then, shake and strain into the shot glass.