Johnnie Walker Prices & Buyers’ Guide

Johnnie Walker is one of the premier brands in the spirits industry, well renowned for its distinctive quality and popularity the world over. The brand’s offerings range from affordable to luxury priced options, making Johnnie Walker the perfect scotch for a variety of occasions. Whether celebrating with friends and family or savoring the moment, Johnnie Walker is the perfect spirit to enjoy neat, on the rocks, or with just a splash of cola or honey.

Having perfected the art of blending scotch whiskey since 1820, Johnnie Walker has established itself as the go-to scotch of choice for many. Produced by global powerhouse Diageo, the brand has developed into one of the most recognizable and iconic scotches on the market. Primarily blended with over 40 different types of whiskeys, their scotch making process goes the extra mile in ensuring each batch’s ensured excellence.

Johnnie Walker Pricing

Widely known for its colorful array of labels, each bottle represents a different tier of scotches at staggering price points. Offering consumers economically affordable options on the lower end of the price spectrum, they are known for their widespread availability and name-brand appeal. On the higher end of the scale, their scotches are not to be confused when sitting at a bar and placing an order for a Johnnie double. This small mistake could cost you upwards of $60+ for a pour of Johnnie Blue.

Below are the latest Johnnie Walker prices.

TypeBottle SizePrice
Johnnie Walker Red Label750mlFrom $26.49
1LFrom $32.99
Johnnie Walker Black Label375mlFrom $25.99
750mlFrom $31.99
1LFrom $51.99
1.75LFrom $63.99
Johnnie Walker Double Black Label750mlFrom $42.99
Johnnie Walker Green Label750mlFrom $63.99
1LFrom $75.99
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve750mlFrom $68.99
Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years750mlFrom $87.99
Johnnie Walker Blue Label750mlFrom $169.99
John Walker & Sons King George V750mlFrom $520.99
John Walker & Sons Odyssey700mlFrom $1120.99

Johnnie Walker Products

Kicking things off, Red Label, the best selling scotch worldwide, is a solid bet for those looking for an introduction into the world of Johnnie Walker. Offering an affordable price point and smooth complexion, Red Label offers up a robust, sweet flavor with delicate smoky undertones. Red Label is your best bet if you insist on adding cola to your scotch, however, it’s advised that you lead with just a splash to fully appreciate the abstract nature of this blend.

Black Label ups the ante with a more exquisite scotch consisting of whiskeys aged for at least a minimum amount of 12 years. This cohesive blend is said to bring together flavors from all four corners of Scotland and is a solid representation of Scottish tradition. With Black Label you will find that the taste of peat and smokiness in this blend is far more prevalent, similar to the appeal of campfire aromas. Yielding a truly bold scotch best enjoyed neat in the study, Black Label is a step above Red Label in that it is a more robust blend. The smokey profile gives way to underlying notes of vanilla and butterscotch, perfectly balancing out this carefully crafted favorite.

Expanding on Black Label, an upgraded blend is offered under the name of Double Black Label, immediately identifiable by its enigmatic gold band. This scotch is elevated just a touch above its Black Label counterpart due to its far richer peat presence and remarkable storage in heavily charred oak casks. This maltier version is also aged for at least 12 years and boasts an oaky almost cinnamon flavor profile that sets it apart as a bolder blend best enjoyed on cold winter holidays with its warming sensibilities.

Gold Label Reserve is a succulent blend aged for 18 years that is best enjoyed slowly sipped in a Glencairn glass with a cigar to match. At once smooth and enveloping, this scotch has a subtle spice accompanied by sweet vanilla and honey notes. Also prevalent in the nose of Gold Label Reserve is a fruity smell reminiscent of nutmeg and banana flavors, making this a unique drinking experience firmly entrenched on the more luxurious side of the scotch spectrum.

Platinum Label is another fine 18 year offering that tantalizes with diverse cherry and toffee flavored characteristics. Supplementing this is a rich smokiness that is cut with an almost sweet, enveloping profile that rounds out this sophisticated blended spirit. You will find this to be a truly satisfying elixir for the apt scotch enthusiast, with delicately balanced potent flavors in abundance.

Alas, we arrive at the flagship scotch of the brand, Blue Label, widely considered the premium blend of the widely celebrated Johnnie Walker brand. Notorious as one of the most expensive blended scotches on the market, it comes with a fair share of hype that surely precedes its reputation. Considering that Blue Label does not provide the age of the whiskeys within, it is speculated that the blends could be as young as 3 years old, the bare minimum amount of time required to properly age scotch. Johnnie Walker claims that Blue Label is a blend of only the rarest of scotches, crafted in the style of early 19th century concoctions.

Nonetheless, this scotch is widely revered for a reason with its silky palate putting forth dark almost chocolate, hazelnut flavors with a sharply balanced taste. The trademark smokiness is ever-present with an upfront taste of tobacco permeating the blend. At once luxurious and decadent, this balanced scotch goes down smooth with a little singe, leading to an overall enjoyable pour that is irrefutably classic.


While the Johnnie Walker brands all offer their own inherent value, owing to their considerable efforts, there are other brands on the market that certainly give it a run for its money. Revered scotches can be found at far more affordable price points and may often be overlooked due to the immense popularity Johnnie Walker has gained throughout their storied history. Outstanding alternatives can be found in the barrels of such brands like Glenfiddich, Macallan, Talisker, Dalmore, Chivas Regal, and other fine selections. 

Scotches such as these are usually reasonably priced and known for their complex characteristics that won’t break the bank. Certainly, it is best to treat yourself to a higher-end brand such as Johnnie Walker from time to time. However, with a bit of comparison, you may discover that there are brands of equal worth available for an immense fraction of the cost.

These spirits are best enjoyed with absolute leisure and there is nothing favorable about paying more for brand name spirits that will leave you high and dry. Especially when superior scotches continue to enter the market, establishing themselves as equal if not more delicately crafted choices. 

Lucas Odparlik is a bartender, music producer, DJ, and writer from Tampa, Florida with over 13 years experience behind the bar.

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